DESTRUCTOR!  that is me.

instead of naming me grace, my parents should have named me DESTRUCTOR.

first – we put the boat in the water at the beginning of may, went on three boat rides, and at the end of the last one the motor started going BEEP!  BEEP!  BEEP!  it had never done that before.  it might be because the engine was over-heating, so we needed to take it in to be looked at.  but then kevin was sick, so it didn’t happen for a while.

then, on tuesday, kevin hooked up the trailer to the van and i drove it over to the boat launch as kevin slowly motored over.  it didn’t start beeping til the very end, so we were good.  i parked the car after backing up a little but not much because i’m not good at backing up with the attached trailer, tried to get the key out of the ignition but for some reason it wouldn’t come out, hoped out of the car and walked down to kevin.

we stood there for a few brief moments, heard a noise, and looked back to see that the van had rolled backwards, jackknifing the trailer, and there was an onimous CRUNCH.  i scurried up and hopped into the van.  I HAD LEFT IT IN REVERSE.

i slowly tried to pull it forward and kevin was in back of the van and he started saying OH MY GOD.  OH. MY. GOD.  he never uses that tone of voice, that shocked horror kind of voice, so i figured it must be bad.

it was.  the tongue of the trailer was bent at a 45 degree angle.  RUINED.

kevin climbed in to drive, and pulled the trailer up to the parking lot.  at first he said we wouldn’t even be able to drive it home, we’d have to put it on a flat bed.  i was in shock at how COMPLETELY MORONIC I’D BEEN.

kevin said “you just need to slow down.


seriously.  i was just so mad at myself and frustrated; it was one of those many, many moments in my life that i just wanted to be able to do-over.

i started sniffling, and kevin hugged me and said it was all right, and he drove the boat back across the water as i drove the van sans trailer back home.  and as i drove i got more and more upset at my idiocy, plus the fact that who know when we’ll ever be able to get the boat fixed now, and everything was very, very terrible, so i cried the whole way home.

not the best day.

kevin slowly drove back; i watched him from the yard as he went a little distance then turned off the motor to drift, since the beeping kept happening.  finally he got home and we drove back and got the trailer and he was able to safely get it home.

i took a picture of how very very bent up it was.

eventually, i calmed down.  at least the van hadn’t rolled all the way back into the lake; that would have been REALLY bad.  plus the van is so old that kevin says it’s only valued at about $700, so we wouldn’t have gotten much money if it was down in the murky depths.

i tried to be calm on wednesday, and did no harm to anything.

but then, yesterday – we took a nice long walk, and i took some pictures of the very pretty blooming thistles along the way.  when we got home, i stretched on the floor, and when i got up, CRUNCH…i stepped on my glasses.  i bent the frames so they can’t be fixed and i broke one of the lenses in two.

GOOD GRIEF.  but i didn’t cry this time, because by then i’d realized that i’m just meant to destroy things, but at least i did skip a day so it won’t happen every single day.

but then, this morning i sat down and uploaded my photos from phone to computer, and then permanently deleted a bunch off my phone because i was dangerously running out of storage.  and then i was going to start photoshopping the destruction photos to post them now, even though there were many previous photos i hadn’t posted.


so there’s no evidence of the destruction.  plus no photos of the lovely blooming thistles.

damn.  so this is two days in a row now of destruction.  but hopefully that means that’s it for today?

i can only hope.

ok then,