i just opened the front door AND THERE WAS A FOOTLONG SLUG, up on the porch, headed right for the door!


WHAT DO WE DO??? i yelled to kevin.


i know that salt kills slugs, but since i live out here with my nature man and my next-door nature brother-in-law, i’ve tried to not kill so many bugs and things.  just this morning there was a spider on the inside of the screen in one of the rooms and i scooped it up with a kleenex.  my friend bev was there and she said AREN’T YOU GONNA KILL IT?  but i explained to her ab out nature husband and nature binlaw.

so just now i went out with the big box of salt (dad left at least three of them here when he moved out)…but i couldn’t bring myself to kill it.  kevin says since slugs are mostly…gooshy stuff inside…the salt sucks up its insides.

what a horrible way to die.

instead, i poured a mound of salt in front of the slug and watched as it quickly drew back, obviously very unhappy.  it just laid there for a while then it slowly turned around and started to ooze and stretch itself back from whence it came.

hopefully i won’t step on it in the middle of the night if for some reason i decide to get up and wander around outside.

hopefully it won’t find a way to slither in and SQUASH AND SLIME ALL OVER ME when i sleep.

ok then,

exciting wednesday night grace.