i took a break tonight and watched some of the show “dancing with the stars,” because Randy mentioned he was going to tape it because he couldn’t watch it because he has rehearsal for “cats.”

i watched in between making cookies, so it wasn’t exactly like a break except i was able to sit down for at least three minutes at a time, sometimes five.

the concept of this show is that there’s a star, like, say, harry hamlin, and a real dancer, and they dance together and then three judges comment upon their dancing (they didn’t care too much for poor harry, but i think his bigger problem is his scary-looking wife with HUGELY collagen-injected lips and a kind of general hysteria about her), and then they give each pair a rating from zero (does anybody ever get zero) and ten, i think. and then YOU, the CAPTIVATED AUDIENCE, can either call in or go online and VOTE VOTE VOTE for your favorite.

and then couples get eliminated each week, blah blah blah, another voting for people show.

and this makes me think that what AMERICAN REALLY WANTS TO WATCH is PEOPLE BEING JUDGED.

on american idol you can watch amateur singers being judged, and then you can vote for them, and on survivor people are judge or whatever i CANNOT STAND that show, and in Dancing WTS, you get to watch CELEBRITIES being judged and you also get to GIVE JUDGEMENT UNTO THE STARS.

why do we like judging so much? and by “we” i’m talking about everybody who loves these shows and i know there are many people who do but I’M NOT ONE OF THEM.

just so you know.

i haven’t really been watching TV for quite a while now and i don’t really miss it. i haven’t had time lately, but before that i guess i was just busy watching my DVDs of “sex & the city” and now Reno 911.

but anyway, why judging? does it make people feel superior? do they feel more interactive, instead of facing the reality that they’re just sitting there watching instead of doing something, like, say, taking dance lessons?

i have to say the costumes, most of them, were very nice. i believe that vivica a. fox had some major undergarmet corseting stuff under her dress. and what about jerry springer? he wore a tux, but it had a big SASH with a BOW IN THE FRONT of it. it looked ridiculous. i felt embarassed for him as he sort of walked around as this hot-looking blonde babe in a teeny tiny pink dress danced up a storm around him.

the judges seemed to LOVE jerry, maybe because he had the sheer gall to get up there and look silly in that big sash with bow.

they loved him, but the didn’t give him a good score. i didn’t see the entire first hour of the show so i missed the really really good people, and also some bad couple with a guy named tucker and i wonder who that celebrity is, but he looked bad just in the two second clip they showed of him dancing.

ok, i just looked him up and he’s TUCKER CARLSON, an anchor on MSNBC and he’s a controversial political pundit and columnist etc etc.

i looked up the judges to see if they had any qualifications at all and the female judge has done many many things, the most fascinating being that she choreographed “who wants to marry a millionaire.” i never saw this show, but i didn’t think it was the kind of show that would have dancing.

perhaps in order to marry the millionaire the women had to be good dancers. but why am i assuming that the millionaire would be a man? i just bet he was.

one great thing about not watching tv is that i never have to watch political commercials.

so, i was going to put some photos up here but of course i can’t figure out how to make the usb cable for my camera work with this computer and i think i need some software because that’s what the computer told me but of course i have no idea where that might be located here.

i took a picture of the cake topper which i worked on tonight. it has frosting flowers on green toothpicks sticking out all over, like the practice one i made for MFH’s birthday, but this one looks better.

my only problem is that after i put icing on the bottom of the flowers and put the toothpicks in them and let them dry, i didn’t then turn them over and let them dry more that way. so now i’m afraid they’re going to slip down the toothpicks. hopefully when i get up in the morning they won’t be all sunken in. i guess i’m going to will that not to happen.

i’m not feeling so edgy right now, except i really need to pack. i also really need to go to bed.

time is running out, time is running out…

i also took a picture of the freezer because it’s so completely jam-packed with lasagne and bread and lots and lots of cake layers and now many many many cookies.

frittering away my time instead of packing.

ok ok ok,

tuesday night grace.