not a good way to spend the days leading up to xmas.  i had a little sore throat saturday night, then all of a sudden i had the full-blown flu on sunday.

dreadful.  i can’t remember that last time i got the flu.

i got a flu shot for the first time last year and kept meaning to get one this year, but then instantly kept forgetting again.

i just got up, at 10, after going to bed last night at 8:00.  xmas things just aren’t gonna get done.

and oh yeah, my show on new year’s eve…it’s troubling.  every day i feel like i don’t have enough time to get ready, but every day i have no energy to do anything at all.  plus i have a very bad cough.

luckily, yesterday i called the doctor and they managed to get me in, and he gave me tamiflu, which is some flu drug that i take for five days.  plus codeine cough syrup, which i will hoard til well past its expiration date.

last night i took the tamiflu, and a teaspoon of cough medicine, and wasn’t gonna take any kind of other sleep aids, but then realized that sleep was never gonna happen even though i was exhausted, so i staggered out of bed and took all the sleep aids.  and then, this morning at seven, i was coughing a lot again so kevin gave me another spoonful of cough medicine.

i’m hoping that that might somewhat explain my feeling of intense grogginess.  maybe when the cough syrup wears off, i’ll feel much, much better.

cause i gotta get some stuff done.


this is kinda dark, but HOW CUTE IS THAT??? as les tenderly cleans the top of kevin’s head!

we’d been putting the cats’ leftover dishes high up on the fridge because if we put them on the counter, chester would jump up and eat them.

so he decided to just climb all the way to the top of the fridge.

just a regular, les is the cutest kitty ever,  photo.


kevin sent me this icture, one of those rare times when chester and winnie were near each other without fighting

this is just a bit grainy – it’s bev, at her christmas cantata.  we had a perfect view of her through the big crowd of singers, and she looked very cute in her freshly-ironed white blouse; most of the other people wore red.

here’s santa at the mall.  i was fascinated, because there was a huge line waiting, but most of the time, santa was just sitting there by himself.  the whole setup seemed poor – apparently, after they took a picture, everybody then had to wait around til the picture was developed?  i mean, i’m just guessing that this was the problem, but it seemed like a lame way to do it.

do you see santa’s big red sack over there on the left?  that was a HUGE BAG OF HERSHEY’S KISSES and i toyed with the idea of diving right down into it.

unfortunately, diving is one of the many physical feats i was never able to master.

finally, here’s garrick and janice’s darling new dog, a rescue beagle.  they had to put their beloved lemon beagle max to sleep a few weeks ago, which was so sad, but i’m happy for them that they have this new cute puppy.

yeah, this christmas is a really sad one, with dad and mollie gone.

ok then,

mrs. christmas eve hughes.