today, december 21st, is the shortest day of the year, in case you weren’t aware of it. this is great, because it means that it’s going to start getting lighter each and every day, which surely means that spring is VERY VERY CLOSE.

ignoring the forecast of snow for tomorrow and the bitter, bitter temperatures that are predicted.

i celebrated the shortest D of Y with a run with Mollie the dog, who was most pleased to be out in the fresh air, although she didn’t seem to care if it was light or not. her main focuse was CHASING BUNNIES. i’m sorry to report that she didn’t even spot any bunnies at all, but she managed to enjoy herself just the same. i recently read in some magazine somewhere about how we should strive to live our life like dogs do; play like dogs, having total fun, work like dogs, zealous in what we’re doing. i don’t remember if it said anything about sleeping like dogs, and i suppose that wouldn’t be such a good idea, since dogs sleep about 75% of the time. then again, i’m completey in favor of sleeping.

no time for that now, though, because i’ve decided that TODAY IS THE DAY when i’m going to finish my gift-purchasing. because, fyi, xmas is in FOUR SHORT DAYS.


ok then,