not by me, of course.  i went with kevin to the shooting range so he could try out his new flintlock rifle that a guy in the 114th custom-made for him.  it looks very fancy, and very authentic.

this is the flint part of the gun.  you pour the…powder…down in there, and that thing on the left side, that looks like a black rock, is the flint.  i’m pretty sure that’s how it goes, but when kevin explains stuff like this to me, even though i try with all my might to focus and listen and understand, i have a lot of trouble focusing and listening and comprehending what the hell he’s talking about.

this is all the stuff.  the ear protectors, and he puts the little discs in the bag underneath the bullet.  the jar in front is BEAR GREASE, which is usually in our fridge and the other night amy was looking for mayonnaise and pulled out the bear grease instead.  the thing right in back of the bear grease is the…thing…that kevin stores the powder in.  at least one of those slender things is what he measures the powder into so it’s the correct amount to put into the gun.  i should make a video of this whole deal and that way he’d be explaining it instead of me trying to remember and making things up.

here he is, getting ready.

and he aims, and he fires, and…nothing.  the first time it worked, but the second time there was a problem and it didn’t go off.

here he’s fixing…something and adjusting.  lots of adjusting.

getting ready to shoot again.

and it’s good!  the target is for a postal shoot.  it’s called that because he shoots five rounds and then mails in the target, and it’s a competition and that’s the entire amount of postal shoot knowledge i have.

a close-up of the target – as you can see, he did really, really well, especially considering this was the first time he’d used the gun.  he’s getting better and better at the shooting, and he was already good to begin with.

walking away from the target.

i have more photos, more things to say, but i have to give a massage right now.  i can’t believe it’s FRIDAY already.  the summer is starting to gallop along and it’s not even officially summer yet.

ok then,

friday grace.