On our first day in Seattle, Wednesday, April 13th, we awoke to this grand view.

The Olympic mountains were beyond the shore out there but we didn’t see them til Sunday. It was awesome to look out at the water, with many kinds of boats going to and fro all day.

Because we’d gotten in so very late the night before, this was the only morning that I didn’t go running along the marina. Instead, Mom and I managed to get out of the house at the crack of 1:30 in the afternoon and enjoyed a ridiculously late breakfast at this little coffee shop called the Jibe Espresso Bar along the shore. I had a delicious avocado toast plus a chai tea because I felt I needed a little extra caffeine after my late night.

At the Marina office, many for sale signs were plastered on a window. No cheap sailboats there.

Here’s a quick video of all the boats, plus the area where we stayed, high up on the cliffs.

I can’t imagine a better spot to stay in Seattle. Here’s us at the shore of the Golden Gardens Park. I never jogged down that far, but at least we got to stop by.

We then headed over to Stan’s house. Stan, as I’ve mentioned, was a high school sweetheart of Mom’s. His wife died in Sept. 2021. Stan lives in the neighborhood called Magnolia, about 15 minutes from where we were staying. Magnolia is another beautiful area, with many big and fancy houses with beautiful flowering trees and flowers, and Magnolia Drive winds around the bay.

Stan hadn’t been out to eat for a very long time because of his illness plus covid plus his wife dying. We all had a fantastic seafood meal at one of his favorite restaurants, called Chinooks.

Everybody there seemed to know his name, and I know Stan enjoyed being there. I, personally, had the most delicious oysters I’d ever eaten and my only regret is that I only ordered three of them. I had salmon for a main course but instead should have just had a dozen oysters. Next time…

It was a good first day, and I finally got more used to driving the rental car on the many many hills throughout Seattle.

Meanwhile, Kevin sent me this photo of Lovey, alongside the kitty kleenex box and the blooming amaryllis. A friend gave me the flower about three years ago and I didn’t follow the detailed instructions about cutting it down and keeping it in a cool dark place, or whatever it might have said. Instead, I just kept watering it even though it only consisted of the big long leaves. And then, suddenly, these flowers sprouted.

Also, the boat is now in the water! After much work, Kevin replaced the bearings on the trailer and we successfully launched yesterday afternoon.

ok then,

Mrs. H.