10:49 p.m.and all is well, relatively.

last night when amy spent the night, she didn’t sleep much, which is what you’d expect in a hospital.  but she said sometimes that the staff sitting right outside dad’s door at the nurse’s station were laughing and talking loudly, and she had to go “SHHHHH,” i’m not sure how many times.

this morning when she told me this when i was driving to the hospital this made me SO VERY VERY UPSET AND MAD that i almost burst into tears.  i wanted to scream at the people and be mean at them, i wanted to call up the head of the hospital and chew them out.

and that’s just me on a couple hours too little sleep.

i understand this is their job but THEY SHOULD BE LIKE LIBRARIANS.  librarians who know lots and lots of medical things and will make my dad better.

and will JUST BE QUIET.

amy told me that i needed to calm down about it; i could be anxious and upset with them, but not mean, because you don’t want them to take it out on dad.  she said she talked to somebody and they said they know this is a problem and they’re working on it.

then today the doctor was talking to us and mom brought the noise issue up to him.  i wanted to tell her DON’T TELL THE DOCTOR!  because noise level isn’t in his job description.  but he, too, said that this is a problem they’re working on and he’d tell the head nurse or whatever.

and sure enough, that nurse came around and talked about the need for quiet, and she’d do everything she could to make sure things were good.

tonight when i got here there’s now a sign on the door that says PLEASE KEEP TALKING TO A MINIMUM PLEASE.  plus his door is closed all the way. plus when i went out to say something about the annoying machine making a horrible loud beeping, the people all looked a little warily at me.  maybe they got chewed out a couple of times.

i’m sitting here in the uncomfortable-for-sleeping recliner, and it’s very, very peaceful.  they gave dad benadryl and now he’s sleeping, i think, or at least quietly resting his eyes.

but i got here at nine, and at 10 they decided he needed a bath.  hmm, why now a bath?

also, when i got here, dad had some show on PBS on about a guy doing some kind of two-day-a-week fast for weight loss and helping to live longer; i think that might be the focus of the weekly show, ways to be more healthy.  anyway, i couldn’t hear it very well, but it was basically about how this regime helped his body mass index go waaaay down, plus he lost about maybe 15 pounds.

so this then made me feel guilty about eating the big bag of hershey’s kisses that amy left here for me.

luckily i’m not tempted about the other bag, the one with the pretzel m&ms.  i can resist pretzels.

but of course the hershey’s kisses are like having a big shiny purple bag of heroin, were i a heroin addict.

plus the problem that if i eat too many of them, that will not help me sleep.

i’m not really so tired right now, but eventually…

oh boy.

that is all for right now.