it didn’t start out so well today…amy said that in the middle of the night he started that horrible screaming kind of sound.

but he’s been here at my house since about nine this morning, and he’s acting just like his old self.  he has spent a little time lying down, but only on the kitchen floor, looking up at me and watching my every move, hoping that i’ll spill lots of food his way.

right now he’s walking all around, checking for scraps he might have missed earlier.

was it really his thyroid?  seem like it must have been.

kevin took the day off today and decided to put a new laminate floor down on the screen porch.  last night i convinced him that he might not finish this job in time for the big party on saturday, but then this morning he dragged me to Lowe’s to pick out flooring.

not that i minded taking time out of my otherwise thrilling day to go to lowe’s.  plus i didn’t have to drive.

he’s about halfway through now, but he has band practice in a couple of hours.  he works tomorrow, and so he’ll have tomorrow night to finish up.

and what about cleaning the house for the party?  i was going to start on that today but what with the trip to lowe’s and the pressing need to do something with the overabundance of peaches, no time.  now i’m about to give some massages and i feel that afterwards the thought of starting to clean the bathrooms won’t be so appealing.

tomorrow.  fun-filled and exciting.

ok ok ok,

thursday already? grace