one of the innumerable, insufferable, incredibly annoying things that hillary whined about during her campaign – which will apparently never, ever be officially over, until she is actually no longer breathing – is that the media was being sexist in their reporting.

despite, of course, the initial reports way back when when everybody was sure she was going to be the nominee. the media couldn’t get enough of her and her inevitability.

but now…i think she is being treated in a reverse-sexist way. because she is a woman, because she is Hillary, people are saying things like “we need to give her time to think about things, to process what has happened, to make a decision.” tell me, would anybody be saying anything like that to a man who had just been defeated? no. of course not.

would a man have been given his space, his deep reflection time? NO.

what decision does she think she needs to make? it wasn’t her decision. BARACK OBAMA IS THE NOMINEE. i keep hearing that on saturday she’s going to “support” obama, but that she is going to SUSPEND her campaign, not declare that IT IS OVER.

IT’S OVER. WHY CAN’T SHE COMPREHEND THAT? i read yesterday in the huffington post that she still thinks something horrible will happen to obama, and then the superdelegates will come flocking back to her.

is she actually going to cling to those delegates she has, to use for…what????

i am fairly certain there is nothing at all to stop her from marching on and on and on forevermore like a deranged drunk energizer bunny.

ok then,

grace who has had enough.