all day saturday i was whirling around like a dervish, racing to finish the one million things left for the party.

i write so many detailed party-planning lists so i WON’T have to whirl like a dervish, but i always end up the same way.

anyway, maybe a week ago, kevin spotted a black kitty on the porch.  the kitty ran away.

then our next-door neighbor chris also saw the kitty.  kitty ran away.

but then, saturday, mollie and amy and jim’s dogs were barking like crazy, and there was the kitty again.

i looked out and winnie was sitting in amy and jim’s garage, and i figured the kitty must be in there.  i told amy, she peered under their van, and there was the black kitty.  amy scooped him up and brought him over.

he was SO SO SKINNY, much more sad-looking than les paul had been.  he’s probably a little older than les, and his fur looked bad, like he’d been out in the wild for a long time.  he was affectionate but scared, and of course i fed him and sat out in the driveway petting him even though i had to do ONE MILLION THINGS.

during the party i kept going out in the front, and he kept appearing, and then, later at night, he was up on the porch, purring and clearly wanting to come on in.  he didn’t, of course.  he looked better already; maybe the little bit of food he’d eaten gave him the impetus to clean himself again.

i didn’t see him at all on sunday but i know he was back because i left more food for him on the porch.

yesterday i found the place where he’d been sleeping – it’s a pile of boards and debris in back of the garage, and there’s one flat board with kind of a roof, a decent place for a homeless cat to live.  but when it started raining, i dragged a big blue tarp from the garage and draped it over the roof so he wouldn’t get wet.  i brought a couple of chair cushions out and a beach towel so at least he’d have a soft place to lie down.

this morning i went out and peered into his little kitty shelter, and he’d killed a mouse.  it was intact, though, so maybe he’s not quite so hungry.

he has no name.  yet.

i’m taking him to the vet to get tested for bad kitty diseases this morning.

three cats?  that’s a LOT of cats.

mollie really really doesn’t even want two cats.

is this the beginning of me turning into a crazy cat lady?


ok then,

mrs. tuesday hughes.