and before you know it, it’ll be october.  it continues to feel like summer, though, so it continues to be challenging to get into the fall mindset.

last week kevin and i took a little trip to starved rock state park, and then up to mackinac island in michigan.

but before that…

lester didn’t want us to go, or maybe he just really loves to sleep in a suitcase.


he wanted to go with us!  because on the morning that we we leaving, kevin heard him dragging something.  it was a pair of socks wrapped up in a plastic bag!  so clearly he was packed and ready to go.  poor little guy!  but luckily our friend bev was going to be taking very very good care of them.

that night before we left, the moon was beautiful and i don’t know why i always feel the need to take multiple photos because it never looks as good in a picture as it does in real life.  especially using a camera phone!



this is going to be a crazy week, but i’m determined to find a little time to post those pictures of starved rock, and especially mackinac island, which i fell in love with.

ok then,

mrs. monday morning up and at ’em hughes.