photos from may, which seems approximately one bazillion years ago:

first – there were SO MANY TINY GOSLINGS way back in may!  here they are in my neighbors’ yard.  i counted 30 of them at one point!  how is this possible; did they adopt some of them???

this was the funniest part of the procession; i wish i’d captured it on video, as they each clambered up on the dock then bobbed into the water then up onto the far bank!  sooooo cute!!!

and speaking of cute…one blissful moment in the front hall, when all the kitties were lounging and looking out the front door, instead of hating each other all the time!  well, just the ongoing chester/winnie animosity and antagonism and deep, deep hatred…

may was so long ago that i can’t even remember what came in this giant box, except this darling little kitty!

the two amigos, on an unleashed and very happy exploratory trip of the canoe and the Hi Lue.

and finally, lester never misses an opportunity whenever the closet by the bathroom is left open…i always try to keep it shut, but if he sees the opportunity, he grabs it, and climbs as far as he can, as things CRASH and SMASH to the floor.  this used to be the stairs to the attic, but my parents converted it into a closet.

hes’ clearly KING OF THE WORLD!

ok then,

mrs. hughes still on sunday.