today kevin took my picture, to send in as part of my agreement to do a show at first night.

so that’s done.

but then there’s the actual show, which i must start writing. i was going to do it tonight, but then my family invited me to bernie and betty’s pizza and so i went there and came home and watched “studio 60 on the sunset strip” and i can’t say for sure how i’ve been spending my time since then, but i can only assure you that i’ve been frittering it all away.

but i am definitely, DEFINITELY going to get to sleep at an earlier hour than last night (which was 2 a.m. because i stayed up too late and then read for a while and then for a little more). i need to be outside as much as possible tomorrow b4 i have to go work, because COLD WEATHER IS ENCROACHING. it all goes to hell on wednesday night, according to the weather reports.

i must start writing on that show. i have ideas, but i need to actually write them. 45 minutes worth of stuff i have to talk about.

goodnight then, goodnight,

monday grace.