yesterday somebody posted a comment on one of my scotland videos.  it was video #4, biking from Callander to Killin.  these are both very small scottish towns, and it rained the first part of the day, but the sun came out in time for the steep climbs up the glen near loch earn.  we stopped for a lunch of leftover toast from breakfast and maybe a banana, and a nice older couple was walking up the path with their two dogs.  they stopped to chat for a while, and it was good to talk to people because most of the route was pretty much devoid of other humans altogether.

the couple told us about an earthquake they’d had not that long ago, a few years, i can’t remember exactly.  they told us that lots of rocks slid down the mountain because of the earthquake, and when we started off again, going along an old railway bed, we saw a big rock sticking up.  we assumed the rock had fallen in the earthquake.

well, the scottish person who posted a comment on my video said that the rock was feature in a poster they liked; here’s part of their comment:

Your interesting rock on the old Glen Ogle railway at 5.15 has some history.It was painted for a promotion poster by British Railways (Scottish Region)around the 1950,s and has always been a favourite picture of mine. Climbed it years ago on a wet and windy day so it,s nice to see it again as i am going to cycle from Callander up through the glen next month.

the person described how i could find the poster online, and i did.  here it is.

i love it.  i’m going to try to print it out and hang it up somewhere.  if you look at that scotland video, the rock is at about 5:15.

i still haven’t had gobs of views on my videos, but i think it’s cool that somebody from there in scotland saw it.  they said they’re going to be biking up the glen later this summer.  i bet they’re in much better biking shape than me – if i lived in scotland, i’d probably be better at getting up those tall tall hills.

thinking about that trip makes me want to get on my bike and go for a ride right now, except that it’s 92 and feels like 97.  all i’ve been doing outside is watering, and i’m noticing that i somehow managed to angle the hose sprayer so that it sprays the deck, which isn’t a bad thing because at least a couple of the flowers on the deck are getting watered that way.

ok then,

mrs. monday hughes.