well, it was chopping down dead and dying tree day.

but first, for some reason this ADORABLE PHOTO of noodle didn’t appear on my last post, so here here is.

he loves the little stuffed animals that amy buys for him and he’s very tender and delicate with them, carrying them around no matter how frayed or tiny they are.  this is opposed to numie, who voraciously chomps into anything he can get his hands on.

if you recall, here’s the tree with the huge fallen limb, the falling of which that both jim and i witnessed.  jim was afraid that kevin might get squashed like a bug by another randomly falling branch while mowing, so he decided to take action and have the tree cut down.

i took some photos of it on saturday morning.  i’ve always loved this tree because it was so big and beautiful and old.  raccoons lived in the hollow, and the thing was mostly hollow and it’s a miracle the whole thing hadn’t fallen already.

that big hole in the middle is actually part hole that you could look through.

you can get a better view of the huge branch.  i mean, the branches look big when they’re up in the air, but much more so when seen from up close.

oh, and here’s the canoe that washed up next to the dock, and we pulled it up.  as you can see, the water is crazy high, and we think it’s our neighbor’s canoe – they keep it in a little sandy inlet, but the water has filled it.  they’re still on vacation, so the canoe just sits there, i’m sure annoying the ducks who enjoy hanging out on the dock.

i had to take winnie to the vet, but amy and kevin sent me these two photos of all the branches cut off the tree.

plus kevin took this of mollie – he said that she sat out on the back deck watching them intently, then went into the hot tub room to watch.  she saw the whole thing.  see how she’s leaning forward, so intent on the action.

les was also in the hot tub room, but looking at something else entirely.

chester just hung out on the screen porch, posing prettily for me.

winnie hung out too, but this was after all the backyard tree stuff was over.

here’s the main tree guy, as they start to try to topple the tree.  here he’s pounding a wedge into the base.

here are three very short videos showing the tree coming down.




i’m pretty sure they were able to finally do it is because jim joined in to help.

and then, they dragged the mighty trunk up and immediately started in chopping it all up.

i made jim pose for me up here.  later, a duck waddled up and posed, but unfortunately i no longer had my camera with me.

it took a very long time to cut it all up, and jim pulled giant limbs to the huge pile out in the circle in our lane.

here’s the tree in front that had to go.

and this is our very dead fir tree, thee on the right, the one that looks dead.

this tree-cutting was a little bit anti-climactic and i had many other stuff to do, so not as many photos of these trees.  but here’s the guy up so high.

luckily, this tree is in the ravine between amy and jim’s house and their neighbors’, so i guess the many branches will just live there.  i should go over and check them out sometime.

they’ve already taken down the fir tree as kevin and jim hang out.  guys like to watch stuff getting chopped down.  plus, of course, they helped A LOT.

the stump was covered in carpenter ants and termites and kevin said that must have killed it, but jim said they swoop in after a tree is dead to take care of it.

and that is my entire tree story for this morning!

ok then,

mrs. grace hughes on thursday morning.