and i somehow managed to mostly sleep through the night last night, so yay for that.

we had this cruddy dishwashing soap dispenser on our kitchen sink.  i loved it when we bought it, it’s a clear bottle with a metal top, and the metal part got all rusty and bad-looking.

so i finally bought a new one; i got a cute little monkey dangling down inside a clear plastic container.  yeah, it’s for the bathroom, and yeah, it’s for kids, but i liked it.

i filled it up with my magenta-colored dishwashing soap and quickly realized that it looks like a MONKEY DANGLING IN BLOOD.

not nice.

i poured out the soap into another container and decided i’d use the cute monkey in the little half bath off the kitchen, the bathroom that gets a lot of traffic.  i started re-filling it with green dishwashing soapand then said to myself PEOPLE DON’T WASH THEIR HANDS IN THE BATHROOM WITH DISHWASHING SOAP.

poured it out yet again, and filled it with my nice creamy hand soap that smells so good.

yes, it’s creamy and nice, but IT IS ALSO COMPLETELY OPAQUE AND LOOKS LIKE MILK.

so now it looks like the poor little monkey is DROWNING.

i wanted to go out and buy yet another dispenser, or at least some clear soap, but there were many many many other top priorities for dad’s celebration which is in just a few hours, so the poor little monkey will have to stay there in the bathroom today, looking like he’s drowning.  actually, maybe nobody will even notice cause all you can see are his little monkey arms, at the very top.

on thursday morning mollie woke up, and she was limping.  one of her front paws was swollen really big and we made an appointment with the vet but couldn’t get in til 3:50.  it was heartbreaking to watch her all day, limping around, and we put a sock on her paw so she wouldn’t obsessively lick it.

finally we got her to the vet and she had to have an x-ray and the vet said it’s an infection because her immune system is compromised and white blood cells are low because of the strong chemo.  she had the x-ray in case there might be CANCER IN HER BONES.  good god.  it hadn’t occured to us that she could get cancer in her bones, but it makes sense; people get cancer, and then it spreads.  but the last time she went to the U of I, they declared her in complete remission for now.

so, no more cancer.  she got antibiotics, pain pills, and the cone of shame.  she’s doing pretty well with the cone, actually, and thank goodness she’s definitely on the mend.  if she hadn’t improved, there would have been more tests and other things, looking for more badness.

this was all very sobering, and even though yes, i know she’s very sick and doesn’t have a long life expectancy now, we had been overly optimistic that she’d just remain AOK for a while.

but maybe this is just a minor setback.

maybe i forgot to mention it – the last time mollie went to the U of I, i couldn’t go because i was with dad at the hospital.  the strong chemo drug they’d given her two weeks prior made her go into complete remission, for now, and now we’ll take her over there every three weeks and she’ll just get the really strong drug, for four months.  she hadn’t responded well to the different drugs they gave her the first three weeks, but that strong stuff worked really well.

we’ll have to keep her quarantined for the celebration today because we don’t want somebody to accidentally step on her paw, which happens when there are lots of people here.

she’s not gonna like that, but she’ll have the kitties to keep her company.

dad, posing with santa.  they really did it up nice back then, didn’t they?

dad in the basement at our old house, working on some of his art.  all men seem to love the basement.

dad, on the right, and his brother jimmy, with his cute puppet.  i’ll have to ask jimmy if he remembers what was on that cake.   when i zoomed in on it, it kind of looks like hercules.

he was such an adorable little kid…

ok then,

mrs. saturday morning hughes.