it’s going to be a crazy holiday weekend.  last night we got home from muni and were sitting on the deck – tons of boats were going by, at 11:30.  i looked out at one and they were still out there.

this morning before eight i was still in bed and a really really loud boat sounded like it was driving right into the living room.  kevin said it came close to the dock.  did they want to give us a ride?

and it’s only saturday morning.

i didn’t succumb to the temptation of a muni dog last night. for some reason they just didn’t appeal to me once i got there.  i did eat many broken pretzels (with cheese of course) but even they lost their appeal after a while.

christine posted many fabulous photos of her trip to the world cup south africa, and i feel it is my duty to post some of them here.  i could give you the link to her facebook page, but maybe you can’t see them if you’re not her friend, and also of course i realize that clicking on a link to something else is quite challenging for some people, so here are some great pictures.  they aren’t in any order and you have to put the cursor over the photo to see the caption, if there is one.  and a couple of them are really tiny and i can’t do anything about that.

great photos.

i love this picture of christine – i think she should use it for everything, all the time.  driver’s license photo, any kind of photo for any kind of official thing,  just for everything.

christine isn’t really short, so these guys must be very very tall.  and who are they, anyway?  are they soccer players?  i guess not.  just fans?  but then why do they have matching jackets that say united on them?  are they flight attendants?  hmm, i bet they’re not flight attendants.  maybe they ARE soccer players.

here’s christine with her very very tall friend eric, one of her friends who she took the trip with.

this looks like a really nice b&b, doesn’t it?  i wonder how they found places to stay.  maybe christine will elaborate for us.

that is all for now.  i must get outside.

ok then,

saturday morning grace.