goodness continues, as i sit outside in the back yard watching all the nature around me. a little bright yellow bird with a black head just landed on the new cherry tree and i could look it up to see what kind of bird it is, but i don’t feel like it. a yellow finch? a black-headed yellowbird? a canary? it’s definitely not a cardinal. nor is it a dove, not a parakeet. definitely not a parakeet. not a swallow. not a pigeon.

when i was a kid i assumed that when i grew up i’d know the names of things. like birds, but mostly like trees and all manner of plants. because dad knows most of the names of all the plants and trees and so i figured i just would.

i know we have a new cherry tree and a new peach tree because we bought them at the store and they were both clearly labelled.

we have a pine tree here in the back yard, and another tree. it’s very tall. it has smallish round leaves, and when it froze all the leaves died but they call cambe back. it’s not a chinese maple tree. it’s not an elm tree. not a pear tree, not an apple. i could call out to kevin right now and ask him what kind of tree it is, but he’s inside playing the guitar.

this afternoon we had a flurry of activity, boat-wise. randy and david both came over to help with the roof on the house but it was MUCH TOO HOT up there and so they had to stop, and instead they laid the new green carpeting on the boat and i somehow managed to get gobs of glue on my cool t-shirt from hawaii and i’m not very happy about that, especially since i was barely even around the boat at all.

mom and i had the very fun and exciting job of trying to peel the tape stripes off the side of the boat. kevin bought a heat gun to help loosen the tape, and the dark blue stripe isn’t bad and the the medium blue stripe is ok but the light blue stripe is HORRIBLE and we kept trying to melt it off the boat bu it just wasn’t working out so kevin got out some kid of circular scraping tool thing and i realize suddenly that not only do i not know the names of many birds or plants, i also don’t know the names of many tools except for obvious ones like hammers and saws and i fear i’m woefully lacking in many too many things and it’s a miracle that i’m able to function at all, being so woefully ignorant of so many very very important things and i need to start learing this stuff RIGHT AWAY.

anyway, tomorrow promises to be filled with lots and lots of scraping off of blue stripes. not the most exciting prospect, but at least we’ll all be outside.

ok then,

saturday grace.