i woke up before seven, i don’t know why.  it wasn’t even light out yet!  i really don’t know how kevin does that, mostly waking up before the sun has risen.  it’s like getting up in the middle of the night.

but here we are, and i’m already feeling a little bit energetic.  it’s supposed to get warm today, and my plan is to put up some outside christmas decorations.  it’ll be nice for an excuse to be outside for a little bit, because lately all i’ve been doing is going from the house to the car to random places and back.

ok then, posting the rest of the photos from OCTOBER here.  no, i don’t really see actually getting caught up.  maybe i didn’t take any pictures at all this month?

highly unlikely.

here’s a last hurrah of beautiful mums down by the water.  gee, it’s been so cold and i’ve been so disinclined to walk down to the water, i don’t even know what it’s like down there.

still wet, from what i can see from the living room.  so now that’s a new goal for the day, to walk all the way down to the dock!  it’s good to have reasonable goals, i think.

this was  a pretty historical day, october 16th, as chester climbed aboard the sailboat!  a very, very brave kitty, jumping outside of his comfort zone.

he was mighty nervous and certainly wouldn’t think about going down into the cabin, but still, he was very bold that afternoon.

another historic chester moment – touch kevin’s hand!  also not something chester is generally very comfortable with.

and then, he was comfortable enough to actually lie down, pretty unprecedented.  he’s getting more and more tame, our chester.


i spent a lot of time hauling flowers in from the deck and the porch, plus i had to re-pot some from the deck.  luckily i got kevin to help me carry in a few of them.  the hot tub room looks like a nice greenhouse now.

we’re probably not going to use the hot tub this year, because the expense doesn’t seem to justify the fact that we only used it a few times last year.  instead, it will be a greenhouse/kitty lounge area.  i also set these two chairs in there, for a nice retreat in the dead of winter when there’s snow everywhere. luckily, that hasn’t happened yet.

kevin and i successfully got the sailboat out of the water.  it went very smoothly, unlike the shenanigans we went through with the pontoon boat when mom had to hold onto my fee as i sprawled on the deck trying to hook the rusty hook onto the underside of the boat.

kevin, of course, masterfully did most of the actual work.  i just stood around and worried my usual worry of the van suddenly rolling back and plunging into the water.  this did happen to a guy sometime this year, so it’s not like i’m totally crazy.

just a little bit.

the sad thing is that i just realized that no, this isn’t the last of the photos from october, there are many, many more of them.  maybe there’s not interesting enough to put up here.  i’ll just have to see.

in the meantime, i hope you get out and enjoy the day.

ok then,

saturday morning grace.