and DANG about that – it’s supposed to start snowing in a few hours and then snow and snow and SNOW til sometime tomorrow.  this is terrible for our show, terrible for the cast party that jill was going to host at the hilton!


i photoshopped this image of us for our castmates and gave it to them on opening night.

in the original photo, we’re just up against the black stage backdrop, and since we’re supposed to be at a beach cottage, i spent way too much time combing beach images on the computer, trying to find the perfect one.  and then spent even more hours carefully cutting us out of the original photo…i’m pretty sure there is an easier and quicker way to do it, but at least i’m able to achieve the results i want.  except it’d be nice if it didn’t take about 20 hours.

last night’s show went really well again, and they pushed back the risers and added a lot more seats, over 50 more, and we were still sold out!  and we’re sold out for tomorrow and i don’t know about tonight plus the dang SNOW.

it’s going  be 50 by next weekend.  awesome, but a little too late.

last night two of the five actresses had colds.  just now i literally sneezed 10 or 11 times, so hopefully i’m not getting it.  in the play we’re always drinking out of martini glasses and we end up switching glasses and i probably drink out of most other people’s glasses, so germs are definitely being passed around a lot.

meanwhile, LAST DAY OF FEBRUARY!!!  i didn’t take so many pictures this month, so i’m hopeful that they’ll all be up here in the next few days, and then we MARCH INTO MARCH!!!

if you haven’t gotten your tickets for the show, you’d better hurry up and do it, if it’s not too late!  and if we do get lots more snow, i guess you’ll just have to ski or sled your way over to the hoogland.

i must nap now.

ok then,

mrs. END OF FEBRUARY hughes.