first of all, Kevin replaced the second bearing on his truck yesterday. the first replacement took a day and a half and the second only four hours. soon he’ll be replacing the mysterious bearings all over the place.

On my October 25th jog I decided to run out on the road and then cut back through the field. here’s the prairie grasses over near the Lincoln Land college campus.

My pace was slower than usual because i kept stopping to take pictures. the bright red trees weren’t quite as brilliant then as they were yesterday when i walked, but unfortunately yesterday i didn’t have my camera with me.

here’s the field as I headed back. a lovely day.

because i’ve been on a roll with cleaning/painting, i decided to paint the incredibly rusty and crappy-looking heater in the former hot tub room after thoroughly cleaning it. you can get an idea of how bad it looked before painting, but it was worse than that with so much rust.

I was delighted with the results…

…and am resigned that the plants and I will be the only ones to appreciate how it looks. and the plants probably won’t care.

this plant, which i’ve since moved into the hot tub room after somehow tipping it over onto the rug and scattering dirt everywhere, used to be a lovely little plant perched on top of the piano.

i continue to wish i knew what to do with my many giant plants. maybe it’ll come to me in a year or two.

meanwhile, riley and les enjoy quiet time on the bed.

it’s going to be in the 70s until next wednesday, so i’m about to go for a run, and then there are many outside projects i still want to accomplish.

The only thing that needs attention on the old part of the house is the pair of badly peeling window frames in our bedroom which face our neighbor’s house. a good amount of trees separate the two houses so probably the only people who might notice my paint job will be the family of groundhogs living in our neighbor’s backyard. the deer who wander through right outside the windows will also see them, and hopefully either the deer or the groundhogs will stop to admire them.

bev pointed out that painting the frames will help to keep the wood from rotting, so there’s that also. The paint is peeling so badly that i bet those frames have never been painted since the house was first built in the 30s, plus there’s already a spot which looks like it’s starting to rot. must take action!

ok then,

mrs. h.