last night amy and i were on veteran’s parkway, almost to fit club west, where amy was teaching a 6:30 class and i was gonna participate, although i wasn’t super excited about going and would have rather sat at home and watched the rest of the final episode of season two of “downton abbey” which we just started watching and cannot stop.

as we approached the Lawrence intersections, amy saw a little dog in the median, in between the many, many cars that were speeding up and down veterans.

oh boy.  “should i stop?” i asked.  “yes!” she said, “pull over and let me out, then make a u-turn!”

so that’s what i did.  i waited anxiously at the light to get back on to veteran’s and saw a big line of cars that had stopped.  i hoped that meant that somebody got the dog.

when i finally turned, a small beige car was at the side of the road next to the median, and the driver was leaning out of the car, then it drove off.  i figured they must have picked up the dog, but i followed them for a while, and i couldn’t see any signs in the car of anybody petting a dog or any dog activity.  so i kept following them, farther and farther along veteran’s, until finally they turned onto jefferson.  i was pretty sure there was a dog park around there, and i don’t know why i thought they’d take a stray dog to the dog park, but i followed them into the maze of a subdivision and finally they pulled into a driveway.

a kind of tough-looking tattooed guy got out of the passenger seat as i pulled into a driveway up the block, and he headed toward my car as i pulled up and i hoped he didn’t think i was a crazy stalker.  but then his wife came up, and she was a vet tech.  she said she’d tried to get the dog, but it ran off into the bushes near the fit club.

so at least it got across the street.

i finally figured out how to get out of the subdivision, after turning on the GPS on my phone, and i headed back down veteran’s.  when i got near lawrence again i started creeping along, but i didn’t see the dog anywhere.  maybe somebody picked it up?

i pulled onto lawrence, into the parking lot of the building on the corner.  i realized that there was an embankment on the veteran’s side which was a tall wall on the other side, so a dog wouldn’t have been able to jump down, at least not a little dog.

so i parked and started walking along the wide shoulder on veteran’s, and pretty soon the embankment got more steep, and i kept calling and whistling, and hoping the dog was ok, and then i heard some rustling, and there was this sweet doggie face peering out at me from the bushes!

i talked to the nice doggie, and i looked down and decided that these weren’t bushes, they were huge poison ivy plants.  uh oh.  i took a picture and sent it to kevin, and to jim.

i talked to kevin on the phone, and i said that i could bring the dog home, and could take it to a vet in the morning to see if it had a microchip.  He was agreeable about that.

then jim sent me a text that said YES, so it was definitely poison ivy and i couldn’t go wading in to get the dog, who seemed really happy to see me but also really skittish.

i talked to kevin again and he said i should call the city and have a dog catcher come and get her, and i said i would…but then i just couldn’t.

i tried to call mom to see if she could bring me a blanket to wrap the poison ivy-infested dog in, but she didn’t answer, and then i called somebody i know who leaves near the area, and i talked to jim for a while, and i was there for quite some time, still trying to lure out the dog.

i finally walked back towards lawrence a little bit, and kept calling and whisttling, and she finally popped out and let me pet her.  i decided i needed to pick her up because i didn’t want her to dash back into the street, so what if i’d be totally covered in poison ivy.

she wasn’t so heavy, and not squirmy at all, so i took her back to the parking lot and we hung out there for a while – i gave her a drink of water, and she ate part of an energy bar, and finally, when i knew amy’s class would be over, we went to the fit club.

i’d seen a missing dog poster in the park the other day when running and i was convinced that this was the dog, so we stopped by the park, but no, not the dog.  then i realized we could probably get a microchip scan at the emergency animal clinic, so we went there.  the vet tech came out to test her, and then went back inside.

while we were waiting, the poor puppy laid down on the back seat and fell asleep – she had to be exhausted; who knew how long she’d been out running around.

such a darling dog!

finally the vet tech came back and said she’d been chipped at the APL; she had a staple in her stomach, so she’d obviously been spayed there not that long ago.

but the owner hadn’t transferred the chip to their own name, so i’d have to call the APL in the morning.

We brought her home, and she was happy and scared and kevin wiped her down with a wet wipe and i took a very very long shower, first with Tecnu poison ivy scrub, and then with dawn dishwashing soap which is supposed to get rid of all the poison ivy oils.  when i was done,  i was squeaky clean.

and hopefully i won’t break out in poison ivy all over my body in a couple of days.

she ate, she drank, she was a very, very good and sweet-natured little dog. i sat oustide in the grass and she came over and laid her head in my lap.

she slept out on top of the hot tub, and this morning kevin got up and fed her and let lester into the room, and they touched noses!  so she wasn’t scared of nor wanted to kill cats, that was good.  then she hopped up onto our bed and laid there with me for a while, and then lester came up, and then it was quite a bit of both of them getting on and off the bed until i decided i really wasn’t going to get any more sleep.

i called the APL and they called right away and gave me the owner’s number, and i called the guy and he was so very happy to hear that i’d found her!  that was good, because it’s always worrying; does the dog have a good owner or not?

he said her name was Roxie, and while we waited for him to come and get her, everybody lounged around in the living room.

as you can see, all the cats were pretty stressed out at having a doggie visitor.

Roxie managed to take a quick nap before her dad arrived.

he came bearing a box of delicious pastries from Panera, and his name was Jake and he was so relieved to find Roxie – they’d only adopted her 5 days ago, and she got out of the car yesterday at 1:00 and some guys working on the street tried to catch her but she ran away, and into some woods, and Jake searched for her for five hours…

and meanwhile, of course, she had gotten quite a way down veteran’s parkway.

he said he took off work and looked for her again today, and said she was so scared of everything, and scared of men, and vacuums, and cars, and i said, she’ll calm down.

we were very happy she was going back to start a good life with nice people.  but i feel kinda sad now, because of course it makes me think of mollie, and because it’d be nice to have such a good dog again.  maybe someday.

on a happy note, we have a large box of fabulous scones and things.  life is good

ok then,

mrs. friday hughes.