it’s 60 degrees. going to get more chilly, and then it may rain.

on one of my favorite shows, “as time goes by,” the british sitcom, there’s this one kind of kooky character who always announces the weather conditions in the english channel when she enters the room. perhaps that’s what i’ll start doing.

hi, it’s 60 degrees with a 50% chance of rain, but not till later this afternoon.

the question is though, really, why am i awake at four in the morning? i couldn’t sleep and decided it would be a good idea to get up.

perhaps this wasn’t the wisest choice, because now i feel more wide awake than ever.

winnie the cat is lying next to me here on the chair, except he doesn’t fit so well but he seems perfectly content to be squished up next to me. i think part of the appeal is the warm air blowing out of the side of the computer.

last night i watched an entire episode of masterpiece theater. it didn’t seem like it should actually be masterpiece theater, because i thought that was always a bunch of shows about things way back when. but i could be totally wrong about that since i never watch it. it was called “the incredible mrs. pritchard,” about a grocery store manager who becomes prime minister. it stars jane horrocks, a wonderful actress who was in the little-seen movie “little voice.” she was also the crazy secretary Bubble in “absolutely fabulous.”

the show lasted two whole hours, a very long time to just sit down and watch something. next week it’ll only be an hour. i liked it a lot. and a good thing about it is that it’s only five episodes, so i don’t have to be tied down to watching every week, week in and week out. randy and bev have some shows that they MUST WATCH OR THEY’LL DIE, and that would be too much of a burden. i realize that many many people have shows like this, not just randy and bev, but they affect me, personally, because sometimes THEY CAN’T DO ANYTHING BECAUSE THEY MUST WATCH THEIR SHOWS.

i really really need to get back to sleep now.