ok,, posting these photos…only 9 days late!

first, our darling mollie, who just wanted all of our food for a change.  we had delicious grilled by kevin steaks, and mollie got plenty.

kevin and me, trying to not let all the candles blow out before they got to randy.

amy baked the deliciously decadent carrot cake, and i decorated it with sponge bob square pants, including candles with little crabby patties as the bases.

loriann gave him a bottle of horchata, which is a cream-based alcohol, but horchata is also a mexican milk drink.  it seems you could buy the horchata milk somewhere and add rum to it, and that would be delicious and also better for you.  i’m not sure where you can get horchata the non-alcoholic drink cause i’ve never looked for it, but it’s probably in plenty of places.  i could probably make some myself, for that matter, because i think it’s just milk with cinnamon and maybe a few other spices added.

this is a tub full of gifts from just amy and jeem.

loriann, her charming son alex, me and kevin.

it was a perfect evening, also temperature-wise.

we had hoped that bev was gonna invite DEFINITELY NOT HER BOYFRIEND IN ANY WAY AND DON’T EVEN BRING IT UP larry, but she didn’t.  she snuck off out in the yard to talk to him on the phone, though, and loriann captured the moment.  bev will still claim that she was talking to her daughter kaitlin, who was visiting, not larry.  we’re pretty sure she was talking to larry.

here she is, after randy caught her and dragged her back to the party.

mom, showering randy with some of the attention he deserves!

we gave him a total of three more sets of fiestaware, to add to the stuff he already bought to match his DAZZLING NEW DINING ROOM AND KITCHEN.  i don’t think i’ve even taken any photos of these rooms yet, but they’re not quite finished anyway.  dang, i wish i had some before photos because the transformation is amazing and wonderful and we’re eagerly awaiting an invitation for a party there.

and one shot of the sweet and innocent lester…

ok then,

mrs. wednesday hughes.