today i created a new banner; it’s not sunny and beautiful, because it’s not sunny today, but it’s warm, and i didn’t want any reminders of that damn snow.

it’s in the 60s, but supposed to be colder starting tomorrow, but at least we keep having little glimmers of hope that SPRING IS PUSHING UP THROUGH THE SOIL!

meanwhile, my COMPUTER GAME ADDICTION CONTINUES TO GET WORSE.  yesterday i received “plants vs zombies” in the mail, from ENGLAND.  it didn’t take long for the game to arrive, even though it had such a long journey.

and yes, IT IS FANTASTIC, but it makes “bejeweled 3” seem like a soporific way to wind down at night – i played plants vs zs for a couple hours last night before going to a lecture, and during the lecture i felt like i could not sit still.


that is all for now, but I PROMISE that there will be more later.  promise.

ok then,

mrs. crazy hughes.