we may have to start building an ark soon because the rain doesn’t end for very long.  last night kevin did the 114th flag-lowering ceremony at lincoln’s tomb and i went with him even though the sky was BLACK and by the time we got there it was raining buckest as well as lightning.

the bizarre thing is that there were many many people there waiting to see the sight.

i seemed to be the only person there who didn’t think it was a good idea to stand around in the rain and lightning carrying an umbrella.

i took pictures with my phone and i’m going to attempt to send them to myself and download and put them up here.

but don’t sit around waiting for that to happen because i have to now go do a bunch of things and won’t even be able to attempt this till later today.

it would be great to have a day where i had nothing to do but sit here at the computer and get things done.

someday.  maybe next year.

ok then again,