so, i got my dad a new printer. his is at least a few years old and it’s horrible. and now he has a fancy new one, and it’ll print beautiful photos.

and then i was at best buy at the beginning of the week and on impulse i also bought amy and jim a new printer. new printers for everyone! i was excited about buying dad’s printer, but then i was even more excited about buying the second one. amy bought her printer last year, after i bought mine, and it’s identical…except their printer prints HORRIBLE photos. i mean, the printer was obviously defective but they never took it back, and they kept thinking it’d start printing right. but when i was in best buy wandering around trying to get something just to get something, suddenly this light bulb went off in my head and i bought the printer.

it’s very very quiet here right now. amy is napping, jim has been napping but is now looking at photos in a book. mom and david are taking a walk, and dad is doing something quietly somewhere.


here’s a photo of dad and shortie, just before the gift-opening began:

dad and shortie

and this is jim with his fuzzy new blanket from mercedes:

jim with blanket

and here’s amy with her “cuddler,” a big blanket thing with snaps and a zipper so it becomes a big soft robe, sort of. mom and i also got one:

amy and shadwo

mom got me this mug. life...good.

hmm, life, good? life’s not so bad.

consider the alternative.

david gave mom some instant lottery tickets, and they were studiously trying to figure out if she won big. she didn’t, which was a bitter disappointment to me, but she seemed happy to win five bucks.

mom and david

and finally, here is shortie, the cutest xmas dog ever.



ok then,

grace about to make some traditional xmas pizza.