last night, about 10, i was shuffling around the kitchen, wandering into the dining room, muttering WHERE’S THE REST OF THE HALLOWEEN CANDY?

gone, of course.  luckily we had no trick-or-treaters because i ate almost all of it before we went to go see “ghostbusters,” and then we polished off the few remaining pieces during the movie.  it’s a good thing we went, since erica had never seen it.

this morning, a day without candy.  ELECTION DAY, as a matter of fact.  they should definitely hand out candy at the voting places, to lure in more people.

i still get so very many e-mails from the democrats about this and that DIRE DIRE THING, and this morning i got one from barack himself, and it was titled “This is election day, Grace.”


let’s focus on something happy, instead.  like LESTER.

les is the eternal optimist, always quite sure that if he sits at the front door and meows, somebody will open it for him.  he’s a very persistent little guy.

out on a walk, he furiously tried to get at whatever critter was lurking under this big orange thing down by the dock.  once again, very persistent in the face of insurmountable odds.

but then, he’s always happy to lounge in the chair i drag around the yard so i don’t have to sit on the ground while he’s foraging.  he realizes that the chair is really for him.

he was watching this pair of white pelicans.

the last, spectacular hurrah of the mums.  they just keep getting bigger and bigger…

when i go to amy’s classes at fit club west, i spend a lot of time looking out the window, sometimes thinking i should be outside exercising instead of inside, at least back when it was warm out.  but this morning, a praying mantis sat on the windowsill, looking in.

this particular afternoon, i was standing around playing a game on my phone as les was watching something intently…and then all hell broke loose.  a ground squirrel scurried across the grass, les tore after it, and he was so fast that his leash pulled out of my hand, and the leash snapped towards les and scared him, and he took off like a rocket down to the ravine.

i hurried after him, as he ran through the trees, got stuck, and managed to extricate himself from the entire harness and leash.  i unwrapped them from the tree and watched as les disappeared up the hill away from me.

i called him and called him, but he wasn’t having any of it, so i spent a good long time frantically calling and stumbling through all the scrubby trees.

of course, eventually he came back, but not before i’d worked myself into a big pile of worry about him never returning.

a couple of days later, he was happy to climb into the kayak.

and then, onto the hi lu.  he’s a very nautical kitty.  as long as he doesn’t have to get out on the water.

winnie came down to see what was what.

the gaggle of geese in the yard didn’t care at all about the fierce little kitties.  instead, most of them were napping.

and that’s all the pictures of les for this morning.  stay dry and get out and vote!

ok then,

mrs. g.h.