this morning i’m trying to focus on the positive, instead of all the election results.

the positive, of course, is the cats.

plus, i bet this is the last day this year that the temperatures are going to climb into the 60s.  we have a bevy of outdoor stuff to do today, including getting both boats ready for winter, and cleaning out one of the garages in order to fit the cadillac back into it.  it’s been filled with parts for the VW thing, which kevin almost finished restoring until his eye went bad, plus lots of random stuff that we’d been collecting for the garage sale that isn’t going to happen now til next spring.

meanwhile, the poor old caddy has been sitting outside, and at first it was parked under the giant pine tree and there’s a lot of sap on it, and it needs to come off.  maybe today i’ll find something good to clean it with.

so really, i don’t have so much time to sit around typing here on this keyboard.

but it’s still a little chilly outside.  that’s my excuse.  plus i’m not yet fully awake.

even though i’ve posted so many photos of the kitties on the boats, i think these all deserve posting – they’re the last pictures from SEPTEMBER, so now i’m only one whole month behind.

this was a very rare occurrence, chester climbing up on the pontoon boat.  he did make it onto the boat, but he was quite leery of the whole enterprise.

lester, naturally, was cool and chillaxed and ready for his photo op.

it looks like there’s lots of fear in chester’s eyes, but he has that expression a lot.  but maybe it’s cause he’s frequently alarmed.

les paul, continuingly mellow.

but instead of enjoying more than a few brief moments on the boat, it was time for everybody to move around.  les decided he desperately wanted to climb right down into the sailboat.  i don’t know exactly how i managed to coerce him into not doing that, because it would have been difficult for me – i didn’t relish the thought of trying to climb down there after him, so that must have inspired me to be particularly persuasive in dissuading him.

instead, he checked out the action on the shore.

but then he made his way into the boat and i had to follow him.

meanwhile, chester was happy to be back on solid ground.

as les found another hole to crawl into…

chester wouldn’t even look at the sailboat because it was obviously a hazardous and unstable thing to climb around on.

les decided to squeeze under some part of the front of the boat, and this leash is all that was left of him.  how was he going to get himself back out of there?

oh, he’s lester, he can squeeze in and out of anything.

and then, back up top to get the lay of the land while chester retreated.

lester, even viligant, had to check out the geese landing on the water.

plus somebody was coming down the dock!

winnie.  he finally heard us having all kinds of water fun, and had to tromp down to investigate.

les would make an excellent patrol kitty.

chester decided that it was vastly more interesting to watch the geese on the lawn instead of those damn unsteady and dangerous boats.

this is my favorite picture, because it gives you a better idea of just how tiny the kitty is compared to the great big boat.

les didn’t feel tiny, of course, but rather contented and happy to lie there with his paw tucked under.

but of course that restful pose only lasted a few seconds.  he scrambled off the boat, and finally, this one tiny moment of peace and quiet among the three big happy kitties.

i could have sat down and enjoyed the moment, but there really wasn’t time because we still had many busy and important kitty things to do.


when les and i take a walk we don’t cover a lot of ground, but we are very active.

ok, the sun is shining, it’s warming up, time to get outside and get lots of stuff done.  have a good wednesday!

mrs. h.