pluses: my hair is now longer and blonder, after my journey to amy’s salon this morning. she was supposed to do my hair tomorrow morning, but she called me at ten and said CAN YOU COME RIGHT NOW? and luckily i was actually dressed and could head right out the door and now that i’m blonder with LONGER hair, which doesn’t usually happen when you go to the hair stylist, now does it? i should be much, MUCH happier in general.

NO SNOW HERE! as opposed to denver, where clearly the city will soon be just a white dot on the landscape, nobody will even be able to find out where it is located, buried under feet and feet of snow. christine, i hope you’re well stocked with brie and bread and a good bottle of wine.

not only is there no snow here, but it was pretty darn warm today so we took mollie for a great run.

is that it? all the pluses you can think of? we went to this chinese buffet tonight, i think it was called best buffet, but randy and i went there one other time and i was wide awake at two in the morning after eating there and i talked to randy the next day and he had also been wide awake so we figured there was lots of msg in the food. but when i told him this tonight he couldn’t remember this happening at all, so i’m definitely going to call him tonight at two.

right now i’m filled with boundless energy, as a matter of fact, even though i have been up the entire day, plus i ran for quite a long time, plus i had to my whole show which was tiring. but the msg is flowing, not to mention the large cup of tea i had before going out for dinner.

BBBZZZZZZZ, i’m already running out of things to do.

the minuses: will i ever stop eating christmas cookies? before i turn into a big enormous large cookie myself? theoretically (but only in theory) people will eat them on saturday night during the dress rehearsal for my show. i’m thinking i’ll also send them home with cookies.

if, of course, there are ANY LEFT BY SATURDAY NIGHT.

so then you really only have one minus? and soon this minus will be eliminated because, one way or another, the cookies will soon be gone?

apparently so.

well, another minus is that i need to get some focus in the new year. that kind of weighs down on my mind.

and what is the perfect cure for something weighing down on my mind?

COOKIES, of course.

ok ok ok,

only somewhat crazy grace.