since i wanted to merge the top half of me with the bottom half, i decided that it’d be nice to put me in an interesting location.

this one is interesting, at least to me. it’s from our first day of biking in scotland, when we got really, really lost. we were suddenly riding down a very busy road, no shoulder, and we saw this little path up to what we hoped was a road.

instead, it was this lovely but unpaved path. we followed it for a long time, and eventually came to a house in the middle of nowhere. a couple of women were talking and a little girl was with them, and she was the only one who was really excited to see us. one of the women gave us sketchy directions back to town, and she said that the little girl rode her bike that way a lot.

we ended up going on some logging road, and kevin had to hoist our bikes up over at least two if not three gates.

it was a very adventurous day. so i thought it’d be nice for les and me to hang out there.

les always wants to go places.

we’re all now getting ready for the REALLY BIG SNOW.

might not be so much snow, but it’s definitely going to be bitterly, bitterly cold and windy and awful.  i plan on staying inside.

when i was at the grocery store, the lines were ridiculously long.  the shelves seemed to be almost empty of bread.

luckily there was still plenty of merlot.

ok then,

mrs. saturday evening hughes.