think i already wrote about our friends tim and gina…she was an octomom and he was this scary guy from the movie “trick or treat.”  we wore a custom-made burlap bag over his head, and underneath the bag was this horrible rubber mask.  my aunt sandy took this photo after she noticed that his real eyes were peering out from the holes cut in the mask above the fake scary eyes.  he won “creepiest costume,” of course.


what a lovely couple.


four party babes.


sandy took this series of four pictures of herself in the bathroom when she needed a break from the party chaos.  i love them.  she should blow them up really big and display them like four warhol prints.

sandy is an immensely talented and funny person; my only party regret is that we didn’t show the “instilation” video that she created.  there just never seemed to be a good time to shut the music off…at least if you’re reading this right now you can click on the video over there on the right and watch it.  very funny.  of course, it’s even funnier on a big TV.  we’ll definitely play it the next time there’s a group of people here, but it just won’t be the same, since kevin, sandy and i were all dressed in our characters from the video.

maybe at christmas we can put our outfits on again and have a party and show the video…





dig these shoes.  mom bought them at the goodwill and sprayed glue on and added lots of red glitter and then turned out FABULOUSLY…i just don’t know when she’s going to get the opportunity to wear them again.  the striped socks are an homage to the wicked witch of the east.


Toun is having a great time.  you can see mom over there in the mirror on the right.


dad WASN’T a specific character from “men in black,” which had me confused.  he was just a…man in black.  with a cool gun.


mom and kevin danced a lot.  every once in a while kevin grabbed me and we danced for a few minutes, but i always seemed to have something to do.  i’m thinking that maybe next year i can pay somebody to do all that middle-of-the-party stuff that keeps me from having more fun.



dad even did a few crazy dance moves for a while.



randy, always ready for a photo opportunity.


and jim, our grand champion prize winner, rocking out.


and that’s all the halloween photos i’m putting up here.

now i have to get back to those neverending pictures of scotland…

ok then,

tuesday later in the morning grace.