first, a picture kevin took the other day of winnie, always valiantly trying to relax.

even though he’s traumatized by chester, who stalks him sometimes, he still manages to find a little kitty happiness now and then.

this morning we took everybody out back, so that the kitties could romp.  they had a kitty showdown, except lester doesn’t care about the showdowns so much.

kevin is still out there because he was dressed appropriately – i didn’t last long cause i was wearing my jammies.  mollie is always fascinated by the kitty skirmishes, and would like to take part when she can.  chester is still pretty terrified of her.

words were exchanged, but chester lost focus for a minute.

anyway, after watching the EXCITING 7TH GAME of the world series last night, i slept ok, but woke up at five.  kevin got up, and of course this is MUCH MUCH TOO EARLY, and he’ll have to prop his eyes open tonight.  i was lying there in bed not sleepy at all and i said to myself I MUST LIE HERE UNTIL I GO BACK TO SLEEP.  among other troubling thoughts, i was thinking I HAVEN’T PUT ANY CLOTHES ON THE GOOSE!

very critical and worrisome, to be sure.  so first thing, after lying there til six and then sleeping til eight, i found the goose’s halloween dress.  it’s not much of a costume, but the thing is, if we hadn’t inherited the goose from mom and dad, we wouldn’t even have a big goose.  but because we have it, i always feel obliged to keep it properly attired.  once i went so far as to look at goose clothes online (they’re pretty darn cheap), but then i decided YOU ARE BEING RIDICULOUS NOW.

this is what the porch looks like.

amy said she had bad dreams about wanting to play music for the party but it wouldn’t play.  she has taken on the challenging role of compiling great dance CDs.  she made about five of them last year or maybe the year before, but she said that last year she watched people to see what they danced to, and so now she’s culling different songs from the CDs plus downloading more music to have the ULTIMATE DANCE PARTY.

and really, i could have all the best food in the world, but if people don’t have great music for dancing, it would be a pretty boring party, probably.

when i got up kevin had already taken the coffee table out of the living room, plus all the ottomans.  i’m sitting here in the chair sans ottoman, which gives me good impetus to get up and do something, because really, sitting with the ottoman is much better.

ok then,

mrs. saturday morning party hughes.