i spent 6 1/2 hour yesterday painting the duplex.  all i got done was the kitchen.  it feels like i did a lot, but then i think, only the kitchen???!!!  the kitchen isn’t even that big, but the walls do climb on either side to a really really high height.  THANK GOD FOR RANDY’S FABULOUS 10-FOOT LADDER, that’s all i have to say.  by standing on tiptoe on one leg on the second-to-top rung and reeeeaching as far as i could, i was able to paint all the way up to the corner of the room.

but only on one of the very tall walls – i tried the other wall, but my left-handedness prohibited me from streeetching so far, even though i moved the fridge out to squeeze the ladder into the space.

but now i’m sitting here wondering, what about the wall between the two tall walls, the bit above the door?  did i forget to paint that?  surely not; i remember, at seven o’clock last night, looking around and thinking that all i had left was a little bit above the stove.  no more ladder in the kitchen…surely i didn’t forget that one wall?  surely?

there are still more tall walls in the hallway, and then the really really REALLY high peak in the living room, where the wall climbs even higher still and i know i won’t be able to reach it, and i wonder even how tall kevin will do it.

but that will all have to wait til monday, because we’re about to drive up to sterling to clean and get rid of stuff at kevin’s dad’s house so it can be sold.

yes, life is now only about cleaning, painting, getting houses ready to sell.

all i want to do is have a little time to gouge at my flower box brackets; there are six of them and i only finished one before almost slicing my little finger off.  i’m still having to use an alternate finger to type “p.” then i will paint them and kevin will attach them to our lovely deck, where we will sit after working on the houses.

i have to go now; i shouldn’t even be sitting here at all because we’re supposed to leave in a half hour, and even if i’m super speedy, i have at least 45 minutes worth of stuff to do before leaving.

but wait, here are two pictures for you…

ok already,

mrs. h. in a hurry.