i watched part of “dancing with the stars” and was thoroughly nauseated by heather mills. her long dress was slit up the middle, and it seemed she did that so she could fling it back and show off her prosthetic leg. also, they had an annoying video of her first meeting with her dance partner, and she came in and said “hi, i’m heather mills, you probably haven’t heard of me,” and then she said “and i have a prosthetic leg.” like the guy didn’t know who she was! and like he hadn’t been told all about her leg.

i’ve never been disgusted by a person with a prosthetic leg before. i know an 81 year-old woman who told me that on the radio she heard people taking bets as to whether heather’s leg would fall off.

no, NO, she’s not trying to get publicity.

randy told me that paul mccartney offered her 56 million dollars in the divorce and she refused it because she wants LOTS MORE MONEY.

so greedy.

that is all for tonight.