erin, in that photo with me and brett, is a very beautiful young woman, by the way. in case you might have looked at that photo and thought DANG that girl looks scary. she could easily be a (kind of short) model, or an actress or a dancer. she got a degree in fashion design, but there aren’t too many fashion designer want-ads in the paper around here. she most recently spent a few months in sweden visiting her boyfriend, who is getting his phD in some kind of biology-science-maybe psychology or perhaps physiology or microbiology or some other -ology thing. now THAT’S a long-distance relationship. they met in junior high i think, in band. that’s a LONG long-distance relationship.

maybe i won’t go running after all today. maybe i’ll start cleaning up the dead leaves around the flowers coming up. before giving massages and then going to REHEARSAL.