kevin read about that woman heather who has her blog and doesn’t have to do any other work and neither does her husband and he thought it’d be nice if i could do that, too.

maybe he can go find me some people to put big expensive ads on the site.

because you know i have no marketing abilities WHATSOEVER.

i make mighty tasty french bread, though.

still not eating it.

oh, and i forgot to mention that randy YELLED AND YELLED at me about going on about not liking “into the woods.” but i am ENTITLED TO MY OPINION, aren’t i? i don’t care if most of the world loves that show, I DON’T. he also complained that i didn’t mention that he was in it at muni about 20 years ago and he was jack and he was really good. COME ON NOW. like i said, mostly all i remember is this vague notion that i DID NOT LIKE THE MUSIC.


this afternoon we picked some songs for my friend ann to play while people are milling about before the wedding ceremony. we decided against “do it to me one more time.” randy said a woman actually wanted him to sing that song during her wedding. hmm. maybe that’s not really the song she said. but i think it was.

we also decided against “i’m leaving on a jet plane,” even though i like it. also, no “lucy in the sky with diamonds,” although maybe we’ll change our minds about that one.

i have to go look at my blue cheese-oozing bread now.

ok then,

EXCITING tuesday night grace.