whenever i have a little free time, and i realize i definitely need to work hard on having more free time, i’ve been looking at other wonderful sites that people have.  they’re all interesting and like i said, i wish i had more time to explore them.  but i did notice that just about everybody has a page called “about me,” where they have a usually concise description of themselves.

the other day i decided i, too, need an “about me,” and i started writing it.

but then, as i do, i just kept typing and i quickly realized that this about me was way way way too much information about me.  i saved it and thought i’d get back to it sometime.  or maybe it’d be better to start all over.

but in the meantime, the weather is somewhat warm today so i’m mostly busy digging up flowers that the deer manage to eat most of every year, and i’m tired of always being mad about that.  i already dug up quite a few lilies and pulled the cart up the hill and almost passed out because it weighed approximately a million pounds.  next time i’ll take the little tractor down.

and now i have to dig holes in the fenced yard in order to plant the flowers. whew.  amy already had an enormous pile of mulch delivered but i didn’t want one yet but now i have mulch-envy.  but that’ll be quite a job.

but it sure is nice to get back outside.

ok then,

mrs. suddenly too much to do but it’s all good hughes.