i was going to write last night when i got home at 1:30 a.m., but decided i was already way past overly-tired.

i had hoped to leave the cast party a little earlier, but bev and erin gave me a ride and they had to stop at each clump of people on the way out and have yet another VERY IMPORTANT conversation. we almost made it out the door finally, but then bev stopped just one more time and so i finally grabbed her sleeve and pulled. i’m happy that bev drove, though; i had too much alcohol and was too tired to have made it home alone. bev took many shortcuts, as is her nature, and at one point i wasn’t even sure where we were. i know we didn’t actually go down any back alleys, and we didn’t cut across any golf courses, but i don’t think i’d ever seen some of the streets we took.

the show went well, at least for me. i didn’t fall off the stage, for example. the other women in the chorus (and there are only five of us) have to dance on three-foot-wide platforms that jut out from the stage, but for some reason i get to dance on the actual stage where there’s little risk of falling off the edge. during the number “chicago illinois” where we’re all dancing floozies in pink and black striped jackets, short shorts and thigh-high fishnets, my major concern was that a boob was going to fall out of my very push-up bra, which was visible under the jacket. the bras are supposed to be seen, but not the actual exposed flesh. luckily i had no wardrobe malfunctions.

randy appeared at the finale in women’s character shoes, even though last night was the very first night that he had them. he did admirably, not falling off them or the stage, and he even looked like he totally knew what he was doing.

because i don’t have a lot to worry about in the show, instead i could worry about randy, although i know he was doing plenty of worrying on his own. i gave him a card encouraging him to HAVE FUN in the role because that’s really what it’s all about, but he was probably too harried to even read the card. but he seemed remarkably calm most of the time that i saw him.

because it’s dinner theater, the delicious smells of the dinners were constantly wafting backstage all through the show and it made me really hungry. after it was over the people at the restaurant Catie Girls had invited us to their place for our opening night party. they had lots of delicious and interesting appetizers, including mini crab cakes, pork potstickers, and a big board of cheeses. it’s a totally cool restaurant located in the old st. nicholas hotel at the corner of 4th and jefferson, and you should rush right in there and eat because it’s fantastic, plus of course the fact that they were so nice to give us a party.

but you might have already heard about the place anyway – the bartender told me that on saturday nights they turn over three and a half seatings of dinner. i wasn’t clear on the half seatings, but that seems like a lot. he said it’s all reservations. so like i said, you’ve probably already been there.

today i would really like lolling around and maybe napping, but we’re hosting a party after the show tonight. i made up a list of stuff to do, and in a minute i have to start baking french bread and fixing some sushi. luckily i already made lots of brownies yesterday and by some miracle didn’t eat them all when i got home last night.

i have a little cleaning to do, but when i got up not that long ago, kevin had already WASHED AND WAXED THE KITCHEN FLOOR! i’m a little afraid to do anything in the kitchen now because i don’t want to mess up the floor. i continue to wonder why i deserve such a very good guy like this.

i’m going to take a camera tonight and will hopefully remember to take some pictures of us in our costumes. last night i decided that the white makeup we wear in the finale makes all of us over the age of 25 look like old dead martha washingtons. the white gets into every crease and line, and wearing it makes me want to make hideous faces in the mirror. because i need to get home for the party tonight, bev and i won’t have time to wash the white off, so hopefully we won’t get pulled over. but if we did get stopped i’m sure the cop would just want us to GET MOVING OUT OF HIS SIGHT.

i have to cook now. nap later.

ok then,

saturday grace.