it kinda feels like this can’t possibly be the actual night.  but i’m pretty sure it is.

as i was rushing across the street to get to weightlifting class this morning, i dropped my big water bottle and all the water spilled out and the straw fell and rolled away but by some miracle nothing broke (i’ve manged to break two of these special bottles already), and i glanced down at my sweats.

i was wearing my big “outdoor” sweats over my workout pants, and i realized they were completely coated in cat hair.  this is because the other night i used them to cover poor les paul who was sleeping in bed with us and i decided he had to be cold, despite his nice warm coat plus his ample girth.  so anyway, my sweats, COATED in cat hair.  plus my heavy winter coat has a bunch of stuff on the front of it – it could be honey, or butter, or honey and butter, i’m not sure which, but it just looks stained and awful and i guess this is what happens when you just don’t pay enough attention to your appearance.

because i realized i do look like a crazy cat lady, which i kind of am, except i feel that a true, authentic crazy cat lady lives by herself with many more than just three cats.  and i just have the three, plus my darling husband kevin, so i’m not quite there yet.  at this point i’m just impersonating a crazy cat lady.

but THE PLAY IS OPENING TONIGHT!  i hope you get a chance to see it, because it’s very, very funny.  there are only five of us women in the show, and i love them all and we have a lot of fun.  my hysterically funny friend felicia is in it;this is the 4th play we’ve been in together.  we started out in “you can’t take it with you” in 2004, and she was my mother, and then in “morning’s at seven,” we were old lady sisters, and then, last year, in “parallel lives” we had all different kinds of relationships, including sisters and boyfriend and girlfriend.  and now we’re friends, which is nice, since that’s what we are in real life.

jill egizii is another of the friends in the play, and although i haven’t known her very long, i feel like she’s my friend.  if you live in springfield you probably know her, because it appears that she knows most people here, plus i’m sure in many other places, but she’s warm and compassionate and funny and SO ENERGETIC, that she continues to make me feel like a total schlub – she gets up way way waaaay early in the morning, and she always exercises a LOT and she probably doesn’t eat nearly as much chocolate as i do, because she’s cute and very tiny.  FULL OF ENERGY.

deb kerley is the 4th friend in the play, and she portrays our swim team captain, so i always think of her that way, and expect that she’ll be able to fix things or find things or just be in charge all the time.  deb is funny; at first she just seemed quiet and kind of reserved but she’s not like that at all – she’s so much fun, and always has a great story to tell.

and then there’s the 5th team member, the beautiful julie staley – if you don’t know jill, you’ve probably at least seen julie on a local TV commercial, or when she used to be on the news.  Her character in the play is gorgeous, vain, and goes through men like nobody’s business.  all that julie has in common with her character is the beauty part – she’s sweet and down to earth, and she works soooo hard!  she works hard on the play, plus she has two small children and i feel that she probably only gets a tiny bit more sleep than jill.

kevin said that it seems that i’m having more fun in this play than i’ve ever had, and i think he’s right – it’s fun to hang out with all these great, funny, kind and supportive women!

plus, like i said, the play is going to be HYSTERICALLY FUNNY.

you have seven chances to see it.

ok then,

mrs. OPENING NIGHT hughes.

p.s. i think i’m getting a little better at taking pictures with the panorama setting…