yesterday afternoon i was taking a quick lunch break in between painting painting painting over at the duplex, sitting on the floor petting les.  mollie decided that there must be an intruder, so she started barking, which scared poor lester, and he bolted away.

his sharp back claws dug into my little toe as he fled.  it bled, and wasn’t very nice, but i don’t have cat scratch fever. yet.

at least that wasn’ my fault.

les had brought one pair of socks into the screened porch the other morning, and then he brought a second pair, this one which he’d clearly rolled in catnip.

all the pictures are blurry to some degree because he was a whirl of motion.

the long string is a shoelace i tied to the back of the chair, and he always plays with it at some point during the day, in between, viciously attacking the milk bottle top ring.

i hear kevin outside doing something involving something loud now; i suppose it must be the chain saw.

somebody from WAND TV called him a couple of days ago, and a reporter is coming over at 10 this morning to videotape him talking about and demonstrating fencing – he’s going to give the guy a quick lesson.  i will let you know if we find out when it’s going to air.  the only problem with this is that because kevin has his knee injury, he can’t fence, so i will have to demonstrate.  there are now bags full of fencing stuff all over the place, but he couldn’t find one of the bags, but i’m going to have to gear up in a while and he’ll have to refresh me on the moves.

after that i’m going to climb up on the giant 10-ft ladder than randy graciously lent us, and i’m going to start edging the very tall ceiling at the duplex.  i am hoping it is a sturdy ladder, and i don’t know what i’m going to do with the paint bucket way up there, but hopefully today will again be injury-free, in spite of first using pointy objects and then climbing way up in the air.

ok then,

mrs. thursday hughes.