The day after seeing “Moulin Rouge,” Mom and I were supposed to take the train home at 12:30 the next day, Thursday, May 12th.

I actually saw this little sign the day before, and thought it was cool because it depicted how Chicago used to look in 1779. Hard to imagine.

I decided to go for a run all the way to Navy Pier. It was a beautiful though pretty warm morning. I left the hotel at the crack of 9:30.

It was fun to run along the sidewalk to the pier, and also fun to be at the pier when it was mostly deserted since I only run on our lonely road or in the field here at home.

The train was supposed to leave at 1:45 and arrive in Springfield at five in the evening. We checked out of our room and hung out in the lovely hotel lobby for a while because the train was delayed a little, and just when we got up to hunt down a cab, the gallbladder surgeon’s office called to tell me when I was going to have my surgery, so I was talking to them while getting out the door.

Like I mentioned previously, it’s almost impossible to get a cab anymore. A guy working at the hotel tried to find us one but we realized that it wasn’t happening so we walked down the street and miraculously finally found one. Next time I go to a big city I’ll definitely have some kind of transportation app on my phone.

We got to the station and found many people sprawled out all over the waiting area for our train. I guess they hadn’t checked to see that the train was late, but then it was later and later. Finally we walked over to the cool old part of the building at a little before four, and then of course they announced that the train was departing so we ended up doing quite a bit of walking.

All aboard! At 4:11. When we’d been sitting in the waiting area they’d given out bags of chips and I ate an entire bag and of course this is when I’d been having all the stomach pain because of my gallbladder so the minute we sat down on the train the pain came roaring back. That was a big unfortunate but not horrible. Not emergency-room horrible, anyway. This must have been when I didn’t realize that eating fat would cause so much pain, and I know that after that I tried to eat no fat at all. Blah Blah Blah stupid gallbladder.

As we left the station, behind this barbed wire were sailboats who hadn’t made it out of their over-wintering prison.

We stopped in Bloomington at 7:14 p.m. and I was very hungry and should have dashed into the station and gotten some Subway sandwiches but I was too indecisive.

But Kevin picked up some sandwiches for us and had them waiting when he finally picked us up.

Whew. A good time was had by all.

It was all just so darn long ago…

Ok then,

Mrs. Day Before Our 16th Wedding Anniversary Hughes.