yesterday evening at dusk i took les out for a walk.  kevin had walked with mollie yesterday morning and i took her for another walk later in the afternoon because i figured she needed all the exercise she could get, because i wasn’t going to go walking when the wind chill is 2 at the highest.

a few unsuspecting geese were waddling around, and les wanted to GO KILL THEM!

luckily he was on the leash.

that black smudge in the middle is the first one taking off.

the other two quickly followed, and that was the end of that fun game.

a couple of ducks cam swimming toward us, hoping for a handout.

luckily les was able to get to his favorite tree.

the lake was so beautiful at dusk.

we finally went inside, and then i helped kevin with the snowblower and finally the moon rose.

such a beautiful, balmy night…

ok then,

mrs. january hughes.