RICKY GERVAIS! this man is incredibly funny. he created the original “the office” series in britain, as well as starring in and directing it. then he turned the series into an american version, and writes/produces is. and he created another series in britain called “extras,” and it’s SO FUNNY. i read about this show somewhere, and then i just signed up for NETFLIX, where you get videos delivered to your door. i’ve only seen the first three episodes of “extras,” but they’re all great. in the series, ricky plays an extra in movies, and in the first episodes they’re all serious period pieces. his friend on the show is the actress ashley jensen, who is the irishwoman christina on “ugly betty.”

in the first episode, kate winslet is a nun in a very heavy movie, but kate spends her time giving ashley tips on stuff to say to ashley’s boyfriend, who wants her to talk dirty to him on the phone. all of kate’s very helpful tips are given with her dressed as a nun. very very funny.

this, and the english version of the office, are funny and edgy and being able to watch them seems worth the price of netflix. if you sign up for it, you get a two-week free trial, by the way.

ok then,

saturday morning about to be very very productive but i’m already tired just thinking about it,