the weather continues to be PERFECT, which is why i must type very very fast in order to GET BACK OUTSIDE.

here’s a very very cute photo of mollie that kevin took at some time.  i can’t say when he took it, because when i downloaded the photos from his camera i realized he hadn’t yet set the date function, so according to the camera, everything on it was taken sometime in 2009.

kevin continues to put a little bird food on top of the grill for the birds, and the chipmunks can’t get enough.  they come up and stuff their little cheeks as full as they can be, and it’s very funny to look at.

Les Paul, trying to relax on my lap.  he has one more week of being sequestered in the hot tub, but i don’t know if either of us will make it that long.  it’s supposed to be in the 90s on friday, so i think it might be too hot in there for him, plus he REALLY REALLY REALLY wants to get to know the rest of the house.  because he hasn’t sprayed in the hot tub room, don’t you think he’ll be fine all over?  i need to cover the leather chairs in the living room so he doesn’t shred them.

winnie, who is still pretty mellow despite this INTERLOPER in his home!

i took all these moon photos on june 16th.  it was, of course, spectacular.

last week janice has a really weird thing happen – she suddenly felt dizzy, and though maybe she was having a stroke.  she couldn’t walk in a straight line, and kept veering to the left.  she ended up crawling into the house, and she was a huge mess and got rushed to the doctor; it turns out she had positional vertigo.  very weird, and if she tilted her head back or forward, it was unbearable and she thought she might throw up.

because garrick had to work, his daughter alex and i took janice to the doctor; the name of the type of doctor is there on the sign.

i thought it would be funny to take a picture with them looking really sad, and then another one of them looking happy, and i’d send it to garrick.  even though janice wasn’t complaining, i knew she couldn’t be feeling good at all.  they both thoroughly enjoyed making really sorrowful faces.

the problem is, i sent that one to garrick before sending the happier-looking one, so he texted me, asking me if janice was ok since she looked so bad.  but then i sent him this one…

well, alex looks good, but i think janice was kinda forcing the smile.  but she kept saying she felt much better than the day before.  we got to go with her into the doctor’s office, which kind of looked like it was also used for storage; there were a couple of computer monitors in there, but it also looked like her office because there were some books about audiology or whatever that may be.  the doctor looked like she was about 20, which just shows me how old i’m getting because more and more people looks so damn young.

the doctor set janice in this chair, and then it elevated way up and she had janice hang off the end of it and turn her head to the side.  she was just reaffirming which side was the troublesome one, and after she did that, she had her hang her head down while the doctor turned her head to one side and made janice stay that way for about three or four minutes.  janice didn’t complain, because she is VERY STOIC, but later she told us she felt like throwing up.

then, the amazing thing is, after that she sat up and felt pretty good.  the doctor gave her this soft brace thing, which she had the option of wearing for 48 hours.  janice said she felt better having it on because she didn’t have to worry about tilting her head.  the doctor asked if she had insurance, and janice said yes, and the doctor said that if she didn’t, the brace would be FOURTEEN DOLLARS.  isn’t that astounding?  i’d assumed it woulda been a hundred bucks or something because stuff is always a small fortune at the doctor.

we stopped by sonic so janice could get a giant iced tea plus alex got some chicken fingers because she hadn’t eaten all day.  what’s up with that?  she claimed she usuallydidn’t eat during the day because she DIDN’T HAVE TIME.  now, that certainly is crap…there’s ALWAYS time to eat!  you can eat a banana when walking or driving or whatever.  also many other things, although it’s more tricky to eat soup if you’re not sitting down.

janice was so cute, because she said about a million times “I feel so much better!  I feel so much better!”


it’s always something.

i must go outside now.

ok then,

wednesday now afternoon already grace.