Yes, September is almost gone, and here are a few photos from waaaay back in June.

June 1st, I wanted a photo of this crazy tall yucca plant…it’s almost as tall as Kevin! None at the shore have ever gotten that high. Spot was happy to be in the picture.

The funny thing is that even though the original ones get lots of sun down at the shore, this one got kind of burnt up pretty quickly. But they’re mostly doing OK where I’ve transplanted them and the deer aren’t so crazy about them, which is all that matters. They’re green, they have pretty flowers, and the deer don’t eat them (much).

Later that day Pumpkin was lying on the couch like a little angel.

Then, early in the evening of June 2nd, Lester and Pumpkin were very mellow.,,

..But shortly thereafter Marley ran through the room and Pumpkin bit her badly. We didn’t pay enough attention to how badly because that’s when my horrible stomach pain started, rushed to the ER, etc, etc etc.

Here’s me, still in the ER at 10:30 the next morning. I don’t look that horrible considering I had no sleep and was in more pain than I’d ever had. The pain must have diminished by then. Hmm, I wonder who took this picture? Maybe Kevin? I know he’d gone home in the early morning but maybe he came back, and if so, I wonder why I wanted my picture taken.

I think I got to the hospital at 10:30 or so on Thursday night and of course they give you nothing at all to eat or drink for such a long time, but finally they let me have liquids. I ordered two orange juices and some tomato soup and maybe that’s pudding? I know I was pretty restricted but I was so overjoyed to get something.

Kevin took a video of this wonderful owl fountain that Amy and Jim bought me for my birthday a while ago. It’s been broken but while I was in the hospital Kevin fixed it. So cute! And it only took a trip to the ER to get it repaired…

Here’s my big Saturday night feast at the hospital, but I bet I didn’t eat that much of it. At this point I’d had the horrible pain every night and was hoping it wouldn’t come back.

Mom came to visit me on Sunday evening and we walked down to an inner courtyard. It was weird to walk around the empty hospital in my nightgown but I didn’t care. I do remember that it was muggy and hot out there.

Amy took a bunch of photos of the cats on Monday morning at 8:30, in case I might have forgotten what they looked like, and I love this one because it looks like Lovey is intently reading the info about the citronella plant while Riley dozes.

I left the hospital that evening and I know I was freaked out about the pain coming back so I took many many strong drugs and slept about a million hours. The next day I lounged on the recliner in the fenced yard, and now I’m realizing that I barely did that all summer. Dang.

Wednesday, June 8th, Riley was continuing to try to chillax.

That night Kevin took me to see the spectacular “Riverdance” and here’s me, looking just fine, no indication of all the dumb stuff that happened.

And just one more photo, here’s Kevin driving my boat on June 11th. Just took a stay in the hospital to get him to drive my boat…

…A good time was had by all. Gee, this brings up so much stuff, but it seems like it didn’t really happen. I’m relieved that the cardiologist explained the likely cause of so much horrific pain, but it continues to puzzle me as to why nobody else figured that out.

Hopefully there won’t be a next time…

Ok then,

Mrs. very very late September Hughes.