i was sitting here in the living room minding my own business, reading about the neverending primaries (PLEASE SHUT UP AND GO HOME NOW HILLARY), when kevin walked in and said “we did shoot my musket today.”  what?  what are you talking about?  musket?

so he had to remind me that i’d just written about him shooting, but i wrote that i didn’t think he had a musket.

but he does.  but hopefully only the one.

he told me that one of the guys he was shooting with talked about going to another guy’s house who has a gun collection – with TWO THOUSAND GUNS.

kevin doesn’t have two thousand anything, not even guitars.  he might have that many stamps i guess, but at least they’re small and lightweight and all in books and i’m not entirely sure why he feels the need to keep these many books of stamps but now that we’re going to have a basement and he wants to keep the stamps and i don’t have to carry them anywhere i feel that it really doesn’t matter.  this may be one reason why we almost never argue about anything; nothing seems really worth getting all worked up about.

really, the only great drama we usually have around here mostly just involves honey the cat.  this morning mollie and i started out pretty early for a run, and we’d gone a couple of blocks, and THERE WAS HONEY IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET.  rolling all around, delighted that we’d shown up.  i yelled at her GO HOME, HONEY!  GO HOME!  i pointed in the direction of home.  she scurried off and hunkered down under a car and mollie and i turned around and started off again but i kept looking back and almost immediately THERE WAS HONEY, trotting after us, eager to join us in our run.  so then i had to stop and get mollie to go back home so i could deposit honey safely back in the house.

right now she’s sleeping here next to me, once again looking sweet-n-innocent, nothing like the little terrorizing killer that she really is.  mollie, too, is fast asleep after her very busy day.
ok already, goodnight, i hope your monday is pain-free,

sunday night grace, waiting for the sunday night sinking feeling to kick in but maybe it won’t.  because i’ve started reading that book amy gave me called THE POWER OF NOW and SOON EVERYTHING WILL BE PERFECT.