And whoosh go the days…here are a few photos from way back in August.

This is the night of Aug. 30th, when we had a special blue super moon. We went out on the boat to see it, and Kevin and I don’t take a nighttime boat time, well, ever. It was magical.

Of course the moon was a million times bigger than that.

And then, a lone sailboat glided by. Very cool, and later we found it was our friends Linda and Bill Castor.

We were excited the next day because we were finally going to launch Kevin’s sailboat. Yaay, better late than never! We’d been waiting for the guy to come and move our boat lift over to the side so that Kevin’s sailboat could be in the middle bay and secure because the tree he’d tied it to in years past had fallen. It took the guy quite a while to get to us, but we were glad he did it and we were ready to launch the sailboat.

Kevin backed the trailer into the water and Glenn pulled the motor cord…and pulled…and pulled…and pulled it right out of the motor. Uh oh.

Never mind. Kevin re-attached the boat to the truck and pulled it back out. He and Glenn took it right over to our awesome boat guy. That was August 31st and today is October 9th and still no motor. Since the boats have to be out of the water on October 31st because that’s when they remove the docks and set them on top of the ramps, I’m pretty sure Kevin won’t be launching his boat this year. Glenn’s boat is also broken so both boats sit in the yard. There’s always next year….

OK then,

Mrs. October Hughes.