dang!  tomorrow night is the party!

i need some red food coloring.  also some toothpicks.

i bet amy doesn’t have any.  usually if either of us is in DIRE NEED of something critical, like an egg or a cookie sheet, we can get it from the other RIGHT NEXT DOOR.  i don’t know how i survived before, not having my very own FREE amy 7-11 within steps of my front door.

this morning when i woke up i thought WE MUST PUT WINNIE ON A DIET.  yesterday when he was running to the door because i’d just let him in one door and he was DESPERATE TO GET OUT another door, i looked at how incredibly fat he is, and he just seems to be getting fatter.  now, i know that when cats get old they get skinny – bev, for example, knows how much her very sweet and darling cat prancer weighs, down to the very ounce, and she’ll say things like “he gained .2 ounces today.”  prancer is very old.  mom and dad’s maine coon cat fourlane is also a bag of bones, very crotchety, but he still managed to swipe a paw at a passing person or dog.  one of amy and jim’s cats, cougat, is also skinny and she’s probably the oldest cat of all.

so i was thinking that maybe it’s ok for winnie to weigh FOUR THOUSAND POUNDS so that when he gets old maybe he won’t be so skinny.

but i kind of doubt that logic.  plus his big belly was wobbling back and forth as he scurried toward the door…we always have dry food out for him, and he eat quite a bit of that.  he gets wet food a couple of times a day, but more when he’s VERY INSISTENT that he needs it.  but what if we put the dry food away sometimes?  hmm, i ‘ll have to look up how much a cat really needs in a day.

somehow i feel this won’t be quite as easy as putting mollie on a diet.  give mollie fifteen pounds of carrots and she’s a happy puppy.  i feel that things could get ugly around here if winnie’s daily food intake is restricted in any way.  he’ll be very vocal about his deep displeasure with being STARVED TO DEATH.  actually, of course, i’m sure he usually thinks that we’re trying to starve him because he is always so VERY VERY HUNGRY, never mind that there’s a heaping bowl of food always waiting for him up on the counter.

anyway, after this deep and profound morning thought, i decided IMUST TAKE PHOTOS OF THE BATHROOM.  i realize that i wrote about it so long ago – the agony of trying to pick out good colors, the horror of the bright yellow on the walls…but then, somehow, i forgot to take “after” pictures.  i figured that i should DO IT TODAY because it, along with the rest of the house, is SPARKLING CLEAN.  this is such a rare occurrence that i figured i should capture the moment.

first, here are some “before” photos.  these were taken last february.

this is after i’d painted the walls light blue and white.  i went crazy because in the sunlight you couldn’t even tell that the light blue was light blue because against the white it was pale.  because it looked so pale, i decided that i’d paint the walls yellow instead, and thought that since the blue looked so light, i should get yellow that was brighter than i wanted…and then when it was on the walls i was all OH MY GOD IT’S AWFUL.  i also remember that i made the decision to re-paint after going to the dentist, and driving in a huge snowstorm to lowe’s to pick out a new color.

kevin installed a new window – why did we do all this in cold february?

noodle came over to help kevin install the new sink.  he’s a very helpful puppy.

i had to paint and paint and paint all that red trim.

and now…the finished bathroom.  ta da!

see me in the corner there taking the picture – still wearing my jammies.  i was really in a hurry to get those pictures taken.

whew.  outside it was beautiful, with the steam coming up off the lake.

i walked out on the dock and realized it was covered with frost.  luckily i didn’t fall in.

we had a fire down by the dock a couple of night ago and mollie is convinced that she’ll still find remnants of food around somewhere.  she’s very persistent.

when we walked back up to the house, numie and noodle were outside and frantic to get petted, so i had to oblige.

i took a video of the lake so you can see the steam whooshing along…at the very beginning i say that it’s “november 29th,” so even though i might sound quite awake, i wasn’t.

ok, now i must do one hundred and one things.  i hope your friday is good…

mrs. grace hughes, right before halloween.